Use of UI Analytics
Ex Libris is partnering with select members of the Alma community and specifically with your institution in order to enhance the user experience and usability of Alma. This is being done as part of collaborative program called the UX Initiative.
In order to best evaluate the current use of Alma, and to make informed decisions on changes needed in the Alma User Interface, UI analytics data will be collected during the use of Alma in your institution. This will be done anonymously and without collecting personally identifiable information using Google Analytics.
We use cookies to collect the necessary data and by participation in this program you consent to such use. Please refer to Google's website (currently: for more information about Google Analytics and how Google collects and processes data. Please also refer to Ex Libris' Privacy Policy available on the Ex Libris website.
The activation of the UI analytics is done at the sole discretion of your institution, and can be turned on or off by your institution at any time.